Amira Activated Bamboo Charcoal


Even during the ancient times, as early as 1500 BC, notable figures like Cleopatra have recognized and used the amazing natural benefits of bamboo charcoal. No matter how it is used, it is widely and popularly known to absorb and remove toxins, irritants, impurities, and dirt without causing any harm or side effects to the user. Besides its popularity in aesthetics, it is also famous for its uses in detoxification, teeth whitening, and other medicinal purposes. Plus, it is highly renewable and natural as a source and product.

Amira has developed a new product line that effectively utilizes the natural magic of activated bamboo charcoal to bring you a totally different way of cleansing, detoxifying, and maintaining your skin without any harmful chemical effects.


  1. Purify and Renew
    Wash away all the dirt and impurities that make your skin dull and dry. Reveal a fresher, healthier, and more radiant you, with Amira Bamboo Charcoal Soap. The activated Bamboo Charcoal effectively draws out oil and impurities from your pores. Mild salicylic acid gently removes away dead skin cells leaving skin feeling light and refreshed

  2. Hydrate and Nourish
    The longer the day, the more pollution and stress your skin has to take. Treat yourself to the natural infused effects of Amira Bamboo Charcoal Toner from tea tree and witch hazel extracts to reward your skin with all the moisture and nutrients it lost after a long day of hard work. Let it replenish your skin’s amino acids and antioxidants to prevent premature skin aging, protect it from acne-causing bacteria, remove the excess oil and dirt, and minimize your pores.

  3. Heal and Restore
    Your skin can get damaged as it loses its strength and elasticity. Amira Bamboo Charcoal Mud Mask helps rebuild, repair, and restore, so much more. With ingredients like silicon-rich bamboo powder and isoorientin that have wound-healing properties which help repair and maintain skin elasticity and strength. Coupled with shea butter, giving the skin a natural protection against bacteria and contaminants to make your skin looking refreshed, healthy, supple, and radiant.

  4. Cleanse and Balance
    Dirt, oil build-up, and skin acidity can often make you feel heavy and out of balance. Lighten up your day with Amira Bamboo Charcoal Facial Wash and notice the energizing difference as it clears your pores, removes toxins, and rinses off the excess oil. Whether at the end or the middle of the day, you can give your skin a clean and smooth treat.

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