Amira Pharma Inc.

The company was initiated by a young and enterprising businessman who spent many years working in the largest Arabian country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The word Amira, which means “Princess” in Arabic language, was adopted by the founder because of his astonishment and bewilderment in the beauty of Arabian princesses, who, in spite of the extreme weather conditions, were able to maintain the beauty of their skins especially in suppleness, tone and color. This has led the founder to make an extensive research on the various natural botanicals and herbs being utilized by these people in making their skins so naturally white and young. The ensuing result was the formulation and development of a special whitening cream, which became so popular in the Saudi peninsula and patronized by many medical practitioners in the region..

In the Philippines, the same technology was brought in by the founder himself and with the vision of formulating and preparing beauty products of the highest quality coming from pure, safe and naturally fine quality botanical ingredients, essential oils, and herbal extracts to provide exceptional results for achieving and maintaining healthy condition of the skin.The tireless effort of the founder in achieving these has lead to the success of the Amira MAGIC SKIN WHITENING CREAM in the Philippine market and with documented results, allowed it to be exported to many countries in Asia as well as in some parts of Europe and America.

Today, the company envisions itself to create more world class skin care products and to become a global company in a variety of related products through innovative process and environment friendly technology.

Our Mission

To establish skin care, topical, and related products that are unparalleled in quality, purity, safety, and with excellent beneficial results.

Our Vision

To become a major industry in the field of Skin Care Technology and to become global company in a variety of related products.